Colorado: Peach Crisp


The flight from Colorado I took as a kid was my personal hell. I was deathly afraid of planes and found out the hard way about how horrible the turbulence is over the mountains. We were on the smallest plane I’ve ever been in and was like riding a bell curve. My mom had to ask the flight attendant to sit with me while she used the restroom. Yes, I was obnoxiously terrified of flying (and am no reasonable terrified).

Colorado was, however, a lot of fun. We went to Telluride as a mini family reunion. One of the things I remember most was getting altitude headaches with my cousins just going between floors of the three-story mountain home. Which, made me ask the professionals (i.e. my Dad) how does altitude affect cooking and baking?

A lot. The answer is a lot. Most people prefer to cook on induction stoves and have to get creative when adapting recipes. This helped me come up with what recipe I should do.

First things first, every single article, post, or recipe collection, only gives Colorado edibles (Pot incorporated recipes). While that is hilarious, and in some ways accurate (they have a thriving edibles business, I hear) it doesn’t really capture the day-today baking go-to in Colorado. Also, recreational marijuana is not legal in Michigan and I do not care to break any laws. I know. I’m the lamest 24 year old you have ever met. I did consider putting Colorado aside until such time that I may be there for a visit (or other legal states) so I could actually try baking edibles for myself. However, the Denver Post is pissed that people are only letting Colorado be known as the pot state in these dessert-for-every-state collections. They suggested parfait. I thought that was lame, so I came up with this (based on actual feedback from people who live in Colorado.)

Colorado has amazing peaches, specifically the Palisades Peach. Apparently any peach dessert is good enough to represent this state. I also really liked that this wasn’t the most obvious dessert choice. I had no idea that Colorado has this peach thing going, but Colorado knew! So that’s why it’s a great representation. Sorry to other states that are also super into their own peaches (Georgia, Delaware, etc…)

So what recipe to do?! It’s summer time and a great cobbler, crumble, or crisp seemed ideal. I thought of the more rustic, cowboy, mountain-y part of Colorado, and thought, why not do a fire baked peach recipe? I found this recipe by a Pretty Life in the Suburbs and ran with it.

The original recipe says it makes 6 servings. I know I didn’t add enough peaches to my own (I didn’t buy enough!) but I can’t see this serving more than 4 people.

Tell Minnie “thank you” for supervising the bake:


Serve this with vanilla ice cream. It’s great. Pass it on.


Layer 1 Ingredients:

5 cups of chopped peaches

¼ cup of sugar

2 tablespoons lemon juice


Layer 2 Ingredients:

2/3 cup of flour

2/3 cup of rolled oats

½ cup of brown sugar

1/3 cup of melted butter

pinch of salt



  1. Mix together the ingredients of “Layer 1” in a mixing bowl.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix together the ingredients of “Layer 2”
  3. Take a big piece of aluminum foil. Fold together so all the edges are sealed
  4. Form this foil into a bowl shape.
  5. In the bowl, pour the contents from “Layer 1.” Be sure that you have walls high enough so it doesn’t spill out.
  6. Pour the mixture for “Layer 2” on top.
  7. Pinch the sides of the bowl together until the top is sealed and covered, making sure there are no leaks.
  8. Add more foil over the top if needed to create a better closure. Make sure you have easy access to the opening on top in case you want to check on the baking process
  9. Over a low campfire flame, place your foil bowl on top of a rack over the flames.
  10. Cook for 45-60 minutes, depending on heat (and altitude!)
  11. If you like your crisp a little crispy, then you might consider opening the top of the package for the final 10 or so minutes to let it dry out a little. The is based on your preference.








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